T6 Texan IIR

Want the true feeling of flying the famous military trainer? Then this 3/4 replica of Textron Aviation’s T-6A Texan II is for you.


  • Airframe made of 2024 and 6061 aluminum alloy.
  • Low cantilever wings
  • Four-Blade carbon fiver propeller
  • Two fuel tanks
  • Equipped with Ballistic parachute system
  • Two dashboards

Build Kit:

  • Complete Airframe Kits
  • Plans and Instructions Included
  • Excluded- Engine, Engine Mount, Instruments, Upholstery, Restraints and Paint

Flight Performance:

Climb Rate 1480 ft per minute
Cruise Speed 220km/h (75% power / 5000rpm
Landing Roll  
Max Speed 120 HP
Stall Speed 84 km/h
Takeoff Run  


Cockpit Width  
Construction Time  
Design Loads 4.4 g
Empty Weight 600 – 650 kg
Engine HP Range Rotax 912ULTurbo
Empty Weight  
Fuel Capacity 26 gallons
Gross Weight  
Length 7.1 m
Max Pilot Height  
Max Pilot Weight  
Seat(s) 2 / tandem
Tail Span  
Wing Area 10.2 m2
Wingspan 8.1 m
Top Level Speed 8.1 m
Velocity-Never Exceed 290 km/h


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