G1 Agricultural

AGRICULTURAL is the name . . . aerial spraying is the game.


  • Tank located under the aircraft, easily removable to restore to a basic configuration of a microlight
  • Equipped with aerial survey systems
  • Passenger seat allows aerial spray training

   Build Kit:

  • 80% built kits: fuselage, wings, flaps, ailerons, vertical stabilizer, elevator and horizontal stabilizer come assembled
  • Plans and instructions included
  • Excluded: Engine, propellers, beringer kits, parachute, radios / transponders, and instruments
  • 3 year manufactures warranty for the airframe

Aerial spraying conditions depend on the wind

In general, without any wind:

  • Microlight speed during spraying : 100 to 130 km/h
  • Spraying method : for better results, we recommend Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spraying
  • Volume (ideally) : 5L per hectare
  • Tank capacity : 150L
  • Pressure regulator required

The 150L tank is located at the aircraft’s centre of gravity so it doesn’t alter the balance once the tank is empty, there’s also a drain plug to empty and clean the tank.

Spraying kit:
  • 150L aerodynamic tank, located under the aircraft
  • 4 cycle pump and its assy + spare mechanical seal, located outside on the right strut
  • Stainless steel ramp with Technoma nozzles (from 24 to 30)
  • Quick dump with dual supply (1/2 and 1/4)
  • Technoma electrovalve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Armored hoses
  • Calibrating pad from 3 to 20 litres/hectare

Flight Performance:

Rate of climb to 1000ft 1500ft/m
VNE 200 km/h
Stalling speed < 50 km/h
Take-off runway distance 20 m to 60 m
Landing runway distance 30 m to 60 m
Range 600 km to 900 km
VNE 200 km/h
Minimum speed 60 km/h
Cruise speed 135/155 km/h

* Unless a specific derogation, the application is no longer used in France.


Reference empty weight 275 kg
Wingspan 9.91 m
Length 6.73 m
Height 2.34 m
Cabin width 1.22 m
Wing surface 14.27 m2
Load factor +4/-2 g
* depending of type of propeller Engines ROTAX Engines D-MOTOR
78.87 HP 98.59 HP 98.59 HP IS 93.66 HP
Top speed * 160 km/h 165 km/h 165 km/h 165 km/h
Cruise speed * 150 km/h 155 km/h 155 km/h 155 km/h
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