Do you Dream of Flying a Fighter? Or better yes, owning one? The Archon is a modern and stealth dream come true.


  • All Aluminum
  • Quick Build Time-Major Assemblies Completed for you.
  • Match-hole Construction using Pulled Rivets.
  • No Welding
  • All Bucked Rivets completed for you.

   Build Kit:

  • Complete-We provide the complete Fast-Build Kit
  • Detailed Assembly Instructions-Included
  • Excluded-engine, avionics, and paint.
  • Recommended Engine-Rotax 912iS.

Flight Performance:

Stall Speed-VSO 40 mph
Maximum Flap Speed-VFE 80 mph
Maneuvering Speed-VMO 90 mph
Cruise Speed 110 mph
Max Normal Op-VNO 112 mph
Never Exceed Speed-VNE 155 mph
Takeoff Distance 400 ft
Landing Distance 650 ft
Cruise Range (912iS 1hr res) 500 miles
Climb Rate 1,000 fpm


Wingspan 25’
Fuselage Length 26’
Fuselage Height 7’
Number of Seats 1
Maximum Gross Weight 1050 lb
Empty Weight TBD-(Approx 550-600 lbs)
Useful Load TBD-(450-500 lb)
Design Loads +6G and -3G
Engines Engine ZonSen C80, C100, or C115
Engine HP 80 to 141
Engine Configuration Pusher
Wing Area 133.04 sqft
Wing Loading 7.89 lb/sqft
Fuel Capacity 22 gallons
Power Loading 13.2 lb/hp (@80hp)
Prop Diameter 64”
Wing Removal Time 30 Min per Wing
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