Fisher FP-606 Sky Baby

This winner of the EAA Best New Design Award for Light Planes looks and handles much like a Cessna 150!


  • Geodetic construction
  • Fully enclosed cockpit
  • Removable cockpit door
  • Available as either a tri-gear or taildragger
  • 5 gallon tank

Build Kit:

  • Complete Airframe Kit:- Standard and Quick-Build
  • Partial Airframe Kits:- Wing, Fuselage and Hardware Kits
  • Plans and Instructions Included
  • Excluded:- Engine, Engine Mount, Instruments, Upholstery, Restraints and Paint

Flight Performance:

Climb Rate 700-800 fpm
Cruise Speed 55-60 mph
Glide Ratio 9:1
Landing Roll 150 ft
Maximum Speed-VNE 90 mph
Stall Speed -VSO 26 mph
Takeoff Run 150 ft
Top Level Speed 65 mph


Cockpit Width 23 in
Construction Time Approx. 600 hrs
Design Loads +4.6G and -2.3G
Empty Weight 250 lbs
Engine Polini THOR 303 DS
Engine HP 38 -50hp
Field Assembly Approx 30 min
Fuel Capacity 5 gal
Gross Weight 500 lbs
Height 5 ft 11 in
Length 17ft 9 in
Power Loading 13.1 lb/hp
Prop Diameter/Pitch 60”/28”
Range 125 – 150 Miles
Reduction Ratio 2.58-to-1
Useful Load 250 lbs
Wing Area 116 sq ft
Wing Loading 4.31 lb/sf
Wingspan 28 ft 0 in
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