Fisher Celebrity

Known for its control and harmony. This is a special plane for the pilot who appreciates the “Low and Slow” joy of flying!


  • All wood is cut to shape
  • Metal parts are ready for installation
  • Warner Truss Frame
  • 1/8” birch ply skin
  • Pre-molded fiber-glass cowling
  • Moulded windshield w/canopy

   Build Kit

  • Complete Airframe Kit :- Standard and Quick-Build
  • Partial Airframe Kits :- Wing, Fuselage and Hardware Kits
  • Plans and Instructions Included
  • Excluded :- Engine, Engine Mount, Instruments, Upholstery, Restraints and Paint

Flight Performance:

Climb Rate 800-900 FPM
Cruise Speed 80-85 mph
Landing Roll 300 ft
Max Normal Op-VNO 95 mph
Maximum Speed-VNE 120 mph
Stall Speed- VSO 40 mph
Takeoff Run 300 ft


Cockpit Width 23 in.
Design Loads +4G and -2.5G
Empty Weight 600 lbs
Engine HP 85-125 hp
Fuel Capacity 13 gal (21 gal w/ wing tanks)
Fuselage Height 6.0 ft
Fuselage Length 17.5 ft
Gap Between Upper Wings 38 in.
Maximum Gross Weight 1,230 lbs
Seat(s) 2 / tandem-dual controls
Tail Span 7.0 ft
Wing Area 176 sq. ft.
Wing Loading 6.98 lb/sqft at gross weight
Wingspan 22.0 ft
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