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All our kits are certified and sold with TECHNICAL DRAWINGS / CKD.AERO CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS manual, the primary source of reference for the maintenance and repair of these homebuilt aircraft. Owners are obligated to comply with the factory supplied POH. Mechanics working on your aircraft (for maintenance and repairs), can use the available parts catalogs for appropriate part numbers when ordering replacement parts from Ckd.Aero. If you have purchased one of our aircraft preloved and never received the drawings, please contact us (fees may apply).

The Ckd.Aero Team is here and ready to assist you with all of your maintenance and repair needs. Where locations are available bring your plane in for full service.


Ckd.Aero has a Great Online Community:
• Our Facebook Group is our active support group for our products. We welcome you to join – Ckd.Aero Owners Club

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