THOR 260


Product Description

Polini Motori officially presents the new THOR 260 , a compact and high-performance engine, rich in torque, designed to meet the needs of “adventure” use without giving up its sporting spirit.

The new engine was designed and developed to offer usability and versatility of use with the aim of offering ever greater reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

Conceived to be the ideal engine in the world of long-distance flights, the Polini Thor 260 can be defined as a true “grand tourism” which combines high performance with great regularity of operation, for a versatility that allows it to always express itself at maximum.

Fluidity and regularity are essential requirements for enjoying long journeys. The Polini Thor 260 is equipped with liquid cooling and has been designed to always offer fluid, regular, progressive delivery and flight comfort made optimal by the work of reducing vibrations via the balancing countershaft.

Safety in flight and attention to consumption

The Polini THOR 260 was born from the desire to create a balanced “cruise” engine, for an increasingly demanding market in terms of reliability and consumption. With a weight of 21 kg (including radiator), the new Polini THOR 260 guarantees an excellent compromise of stability and power.

With its 36 horsepower at 8000 RPM the Polini THOR 260 is capable of offering up to 105 kg of static thrust with a 160 cm propeller.

Consumption is only 3.5 liters per hour at 4500 rpm, which corresponds to approximately 30 kg of static thrust, average level flight value.

Cooling system

In the Polini THOR 260, cooling is guaranteed by a compact radiator which allows for reduced weight during take-off and greater aerodynamics in flight.

Fixing system

Polini Motori has decided to maintain the same fixing system on the entire range of THOR paramotors. Manufacturers can thus produce a chassis that can accommodate the entire range, significantly reducing both production costs and delivery times. A plus point also for the riders themselves, who can change THOR models without having to replace or modify the chassis.

The Polini THOR 260 is equipped with an electric starter combined with a manual “flash starter”.

The excellent reliability/power compromise allows the THOR 260 maximum versatility for use on single and two-seater trikes and delta trikes.

The new THOR 260 is available with a choice of two different reductions: 2.8 (recommended for propellers up to 140 cm) and 3.2 (for propellers over 140 cm).

Polini engine 2 stroke single cylinder
Cooling down Liquid
Bore per stroke 76 x 62
Displacement 281 cm3
Power 36 HP
*Max. thrust 105 Kg with Ø 150 cm propeller
RPM max 8,500
Cylinder In aluminum with Gilnisil coating
Compression ratio 10:1
Piston Two chromed bands 1 mm
Aspiration Reed valve in the crankcase
Carburetor Dell’Orto VHST 28mm
Air filter Air boxes
Power on Electronics with battery charger
Battery charger preparation Output power 40W at 5500 rpm
Candle cap With 5K Ω resistor
**Diet E5 or LL 100 AV GAS petrol – 2.5% with 100% synthetic oil
*Consumption 3.5 Lh 30 Kg of static thrust
Gear reducer Helical teeth in oil bath, reduction ratio 2.8 or 3.2
Goodwill Electric + Flash Starter
Clutch Oil bath centrifuge
Muffler Expansion with aluminum silencer
Engine weight 21 Kg with radiator
Propeller rotation Clockwise

* The values ​​reported were measured at sea level in standard atmosphere. The thrust and consumption values ​​may vary depending on the air temperature and the density level.
** E5 defines the type of petrol that can be used. E5= 95 octane green petrol with maximum 5% ethanol. This symbol is shown on all petrol pumps in Europe.

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