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As with its big brother Thor 200 HF, the new Polini Thor 190 HF was also developed by the R&D team with new 3D modeling and fluid dynamics simulation software systems. The result of this research and the introduction of the innovative HF system ensures better cooling with an increase in the performance of the Thor 190 HF engine. The Polini Thor 190 HF are characterized by: 193cc displacement, reduced weight of up to 13.6 kg. equipped with Titanium muffler (supplied as optional).

Technical features:

The innovative design of the cooling “cover” conveyors optimizes and speeds up all incoming flows and increases the extraction power at the exit towards the propeller side. In combination with the forced air system, it guarantees unrivaled cylinder cooling performance.

SCS is the innovative spark plug cooling system that allows you to concretely lower the operating temperatures of the head at the point of greatest heat and in the combustion chamber, eliminating over-temperature phenomena. The Polini SCS system, in fact, allows EGT temperatures to be reduced by up to 100 C° and temperatures under the spark plug by up to 50 C°.

The new profile of the combustion chamber improves the propagation of the flame front, optimizing the fuel combustion phase to the maximum. This peculiarity, combined with the increase in the compression ratio, increases engine performance while reducing fuel consumption.

Belt transmission with reduction ratio of 2.83. The belt produced with a special compound in order to obtain increased grip, less maintenance, greater stability, longer life and immediate power delivery. To keep vibrations contained, a drive shaft was designed and created with a distribution of rotating masses optimized for this type of transmission. To counteract the traction of the belt, a special roller main bearing was mounted on the transmission side which supports a transversal load 10 times greater than classic ball bearings. This allows the belt tension to be kept constant.

The specially made cylinder unit has a displacement of 193 cc., bore 64mm, stroke 60mm and is cast in light aluminum alloy. It offers maximum performance with a power of 29 HP at 8100 rpm. even at the highest operating temperatures. The barrel is characterized by nickel-chrome coating for perfect piston sliding. The piston is cast in light alloy with a high silicon content and is complete with two segments of special nitrided and chromed steel. The new profile improves performance and reduces segment wear.

The exhaust system is made entirely by hand for greater product quality; divided into two sectors with ball joint manifold and fixing on rubber suspensions which guarantee incredible durability over time. Everything is accompanied by exclusive springs with steel hooks which, in addition to making them incredibly robust, offer the possibility of further safety bindings. The muffler has been designed to have an extremely compact design and small dimensions to reduce weight. The reduced dimensions improve the aerodynamic coefficient, while the noise level is absolutely low.

Walbro WB37 carburetor with calibrations and specific Air Box. This setting, in addition to guaranteeing an increase in power at 8100 RPM, improves delivery which becomes more linear and constant. The revised Air Box in the intake holes guarantees a reduction in noise and improves the ease of correct tuning of the carburetion.

For ease of assembly, the frame-engine fixing points of the Polini Thor 190 HF are identical to the motors already in the Thor 80, Thor 130, Thor 200 HF and Thor 250 catalogue.

Produced in carbon steel with an exclusive Polini formulation which guarantees a long operating life. To improve the fixing, M6 screws with increased section were used.

Other configurations of the Thor 190 HF engine include:
A version of the Thor 190 HF engine is available with the centrifugal clutch designed to guarantee maximum safety characteristics during all phases of preparation, take-off, flight and landing. The weight with this configuration is 14.4 kg. This configuration is complete with Flash starter.
A version of the Thor 190 HF engine is available with electric starting without centrifugal clutch. In this configuration there is battery charging and a possible connection for 12V electrical use for on-board instruments. The weight with this configuration is 14.9 kg. The engine is supplied complete with battery, starter relay and accelerator.
The full optional version features centrifugal clutch, flash starter, electric starter, 12V electric connection, battery, starter relay and accelerator. The weight with this configuration is 17 kg.

100% Made in Italy

  • 928.000.071 THOR 190 HF with centrifugal clutch – Retail price Euro 2,490.00 + VAT
  • 928.000.072 THOR 190 HF with electric and manual start – Retail price Euro 2,560.00 + VAT
Polini engine 2 stroke single cylinder
Cooling down Forced air
Bore per stroke 64 x 60
Displacement 193 cm3
Power 29 HP
*Max. thrust 83 Kg with Ø 130 cm propeller
RPM max 8,100
Cylinder In aluminum with Gilnisil coating
Compression ratio 12:1
Piston Two chromed bands 1 mm
Aspiration Reed valve in the crankcase
Carburetor Walbro WB37
Air filter Air boxes
Power on Inductive discharge electronics
Battery charger preparation Output power 40W at 5500 rpm (electric start version only)
Candle cap With 5K Ω resistor
**Diet E5 or LL 100 AV GAS petrol – 2.5% with 100% synthetic oil
*Consumption 2.7 Lh at 30 Kg of static thrust
Adapter Belt transmission, reduction ratio 2.83
Goodwill Flash starter (electric OPTIONALS)
Clutch Dry spin (clutch version only)
Muffler Expansion with aluminum silencer
Engine weight Starting from 13.6 kg
Propeller rotation Counterclockwise

* The values ​​reported were measured at sea level in standard atmosphere. The thrust and consumption values ​​may vary depending on the air temperature and the density level.
** E5 defines the type of petrol that can be used. E5= 95 octane green petrol with maximum 5% ethanol. This symbol is shown on all petrol pumps in Europe.

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